Ever wonder when our two disc live album/history book is going to appear? And where are the short films we have written as a band or our ideas for music videos? Dust in the wind? How about our finished and ready rock opera we have had written for many years and the idea to have it turned into an animated film?

And what is to become of the new songs we want to record? Will our day-job budgets tender the studio expenses for us to record them well?

Are these darling projects to be forever lost in an abyss of creative ideas deeper than the poetic thoughts of a freshman philosopher?  Perhaps, you can help?

Donate any amount to “The Bobby Joe Ebola Project Fund“. We will update you with info on how your contribution has helped us and 20% of every donation you make to help our twisted, creative ideas come to life will be lined to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, a place we already donate to monthly!

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