It’s here! The epic music video for the song that all of our fans & friends can’t get out of their heads! Ladies and gentlemen, Bobby Joe Ebola is proud to present… “Life Is Excellent” — a pharmaceutical commercial gone wild!

The video, a madcap romp juxtaposing all the beautiful highs and the terrible lows that real life (and not so real life) has to offer, was directed by comedian Alex Koll ( and produced by the team at Clean White Lines (, and was made possible by the generous donations of more than 100 fans when we launched a fundraiser for the production of the video in late 2011.

Filming primarily took place one gorgeous day in early April 2012 (from 4am to 2am the next day) when over 100 cast & crew members helped with production, endured high winds and hot sun, and helped make our strange comedic vision come to life. THANK YOU to all of you, however you may have participated! You made this possible!

Thanks to: Alex Koll, Heather MacLean, Alex Fletcher, Frances Reyes-Bolinger and the entire crew at Clean White Lines, Robert Selander, Erin Mitchell, Melissa Avignon-Redford, the good folks at The Ranch in Petaluma, CA, Jen Louie, Jake Freytag, Lisa Hutchinson & Frankie, Petr & Rose Sorfa, Doggle, Tess & Brandi Valenza, Healthy Options Vending, The Matticks, Masquers Playhouse, Anne Collins, Mark & Miles Grody, Melissa Porter, Sean Keane, Gar, Joshua Wharton, Jayce Basques, Jamie & Sissy DeWolf, Michael Le Roi, John Kelly, DJ Real, Caitlin Gill, David Gborie, Kevin Camia, Alan Snodgrass, Jackson, Gibson, Robin & Josh Indar, Jason Storm, Vincent Redford, Bryan McPherson, Peter Shepherd, Tami Becker, Cole Becker, Max Becker, Jamie Sporea, Julio Palacios, Eric Jaramillo, Jose, Nicole & King Ascensio, Geoff & Chandler Bolt, Vaudie Bristo, Sunny Daze, Brightan Shiny and SO many more talented and generous people!

NOTE: If you were in the video and you are not thanked here, we are going through our cast/crew lists and hope to add you soon. Or you can write us at and remind us of your presence!

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