Here it is, the 6th video out of 13 off of the Bobby Joe Ebola 2010 LP/CD, “F”… “The Only Difference“, directed by Christopher Poeschl for Rock Rock Media! Doubling as an ode to the boppin’ age of doo-wop , the MacNuggits weave a musical tale about the joys of kidnapping yuppies, beating the crap out of them and throwing them in the trunks of their own cars! Funny!

Starring Jamie DeWolf, Mike Wilson, Vaudie Va Boom, Eliza Strack & more… PLUS a full band incarnation of the MacNuggits (Corbett Redford, Dan Abbott, Zach Glanz, Joshua Wharton and Sean McTiernan), this music video will get you moving and shaking… likely due more to fear than beat!

Directed by Christopher Poeschl for Rock Rock Media
Animation and illustration by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics