FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Work is hell. You don’t think so? Well, let Shoot At Will Films and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits explain our horrible case with this masterful short film and music video for the song ‘Time Is Crawling’ from the MacNuggits’ 2010 Silver Sprocket LP/CD release, “F”. Head on over to Bloody-Disgusting.Com to catch their exclusive premiere of our little slice of horror!

Directed by legendary impresario Jamie DeWolf and starring Raymond C. Duval, Caitlin Gill, Holly Brewer, Sissy Dewolf, Michael Wharton, Eliza Strack, Jason Storm, Ginger Booz-Ullrey, Matthew LaPlaca and many more, this truly frightening horror epic is a colorful (mostly red) homage to classic suspense and occult films of years gone by. A simple metaphor for the droll sluggishness of working an office job… with lots of blood thrown in for good measure.

Put on your fright diaper and get ready to be afraid to ever go to work again.

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