What is this? Why, something old, something new, something dismal and something doomed, of course! It’s the ¡Carmelita Sings! Visions of a Rock Apocalypse DELUXE REISSUE, now available for purchase! And what makes this edition so deluxe, you ask?! Well… The dark and cerebral classic 2000 album has now been reissued for the first time with it’s original 40 page art-book by our pals at Silver Sprocket! This brick of awesome also features new art inspired by the album’s cataclysmic tone, B-sides, an unreleased MacNuggit radio performance from Canadian station CITR, recorded October 19th, 1999 AND 3 never before reprinted buttons & 2 awesome stickers from the tense and bygone era this opus came out. 32 songs on the CD, plus a download code for another full-length worth of epic Bobby Joe Ebola gems! All for $10!

The art book contains illustrations, paintings, collage and more from many artists including Jon Carling, Moses Saarni, Fermin Mata, Robert Eggplant (Absolutely Zippo), Julia Booze, Dylan Blackthorn, Christopher Murdoch, Jason Chandler (The Frustrators), Baby Deer (Fleshies), Caoimhe Über Alles and even some crude doodles by the band members! Yes, crude doodles!

And that’s not all! Act now an get the PACKAGE DEAL!!! GET BOTH CDs – our most recent album, “F” AND “¡Carmelita Sings! Visions of a Rock Apocalypse” – FOR JUST $14.98 This includes all of the packaging listed above including the vintage buttons and stickers, inserts, liner notes, posters, download codes, and whatever random fun crap we have laying around. These would cost you $18.96 separate, yours now for just $14.98! We are whispering at the phone in hopes that you call! We are hungry! So is Alice the Cat! ORDER NOW! You can also pick up the digital reissue album with the extra CITR tracks now on iTunes and Amazon! Woo!