It’s here, it’s here!!!

With perspiring hands and googly eyes, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits proudly presents to you “POLY”!!! This is the first music video from “F” the band’s triumphant 2010 album on Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, and videos for all 13 songs are headed your way over the next few months!!!

Holey moley this is a fun ride, Bobby Joe Ebola look at the joys and awkward pitfalls of non-monogamy. Featuring a set of salacious sirens (Gasolina, Gnocci, Rocket and Adora Belle), the talents of Nik Sin and Gothic Hangman, and directed by Mlok Zmatek, “Poly” is an unprotected romp through the briar patch of modern love.

If you like this “safe version”, wait till you see the “totally NOT safe” version, coming to you later this year!

Check it out, share with friends, and stay tuned, folks! This is only the beginning! Watch the video below!!!

NOTE: To all of our beloved feminists (not sarcasm)…

Please don’t take offense that the female ingénue in the lyrics of this song could be considered to be painted by us (the writers of the song) as reckless and hurtful. Perhaps, do as the rappers say and, “Flip The Scrip”? The young male in the song could just as soon be marked as a nebbish or incapable of an ‘advanced’ relationship.

NOTE #2: This is totally not a true story. No way. Absolutely not… I am not crying. Leave me alone!!!