“Listen: Do you smell something?”

It smells like falling leaves, like frantic last-minute barbecues, like rain on cooling asphalt. Oh, and that other smell? Whoops, sorry about that….

Wha-wha-what? You mean to tell me that summer has come and gone since the last update from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits?!? Egad, it seems like just a moment ago we finished our last missive, wayyy back in late June. But in fact we have been so consumed with our quixotic quest, that it has just plumb slipped our minds to write another one of these missives.

What is that quest, we hear you ask? Faithful Friends and Fans, our mission remains the same as always: to bring you the awful Truth of this world, in tasty jumbo-sized (mac)nuggits of music, film, print, live performance, and whatever other morsels we can deliver from our greymeats to yours. So strap yourself in, down or on, because we have a LOT to tell you about. And heeeerre we go!

When we left off last time, we were scrambling to raise funds for a couple of impending projects, and hurriedly putting the finishing touches on others. Well, we’re glad to announce that over the last couple of months, nearly all of those impending projects have come off the assembly line and are available for you to enjoy! Thanks to all who donated and support our band in any way, financial or otherwise. You have made so much possible for us!

This summer, we announced the long-awaited release of Bad Boys Gotta Rock It!, a double-cassette live album out on San Francisco-based Selfish Satan Recordings. Over a decade in the making, this album pulls together the best and weirdest of our live performances from 1996-2012, from acoustic basement shows and early studio experiments to radio appearances and packed full-band rock shows! If you’ve never seen us live, this is the next best thing; maybe even better because you don’t have to smell us. If you were at some of our shows in the old days, this release will take you back to days of yore. You might even hear your own voice, singing along or heckling us!

Click this link to order your copy today: http://www.selfishsatanrecordings.com/catalog.htm

But ladies and germs, that’s just the tip of the Ebola-berg. Last month, we were ECSTATIC to finally announce our one-two dick-punch into the world of comics publishing, with the simultaneous release of TWO books: The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook and Meal Deal With The Devil. Thanks to an enormous leap of faith by our friends at Portland’s own Microcosm Publishing, both books are now available in many stores and to purchase online! Both books will be in stores, large and small, worldwide on November 15th through IPG and Turnaround UK distributors!

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, Meal Deal With The Devil is a fantastically silly throwback to those old readalong storybooks from the 80’s. Gorgeously illustrated by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics, Meal Deal comes includes a CD EP, with two “story-songs” that allow you to read along with the track. Three tracks of original Bobby Joe Ebola songs round out the CD, making Meal Deal With The Devil a hellishly entertaining package for bratty little monsters with medium- to low-maturity levels. Read a recent review of it here: http://www.verbicidemagazine.com/2013/09/26/meal-deal-with-the-devil-dan-abbott-jason-chandler-corbett-redford-book-cd-review/

The Bobby Joe Songbook is 192 pages of AWESOME. Edited by the aforementioned Mr. Chandler, this tome contains everything you need to be an obscure comedy band! Lyrics and chords to 98 easy-to-learn Bobby Joe Ebola songs stand amidst DIY how-to essays, embarrassing facts about the band, Pinole trivia, puzzles, and much more! Best of all, EVERY PAGE is full of amazing art by over 40 of our favorite artists, including Winston Smith, Dakota McFadzean, Jennie Cotterill, Mitch Clem, Cristy Road, Andy Warner, Keeli McCarthy, Petr Sorfa, Max Clotfelter, Jon Carling, Mike Foxall, Shielaugh Divelbiss, Richie Bucher, Ben Catmull, Eryc Why, Jason Novak and many more!

So, not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but between these two books we’ve pretty much got your bathroom reading covered for the foreseeable future, along with your bong-aided time-slaying sessions. See for yourself!


Meal Deal With The Devil Storybook/CD EP (with a sliding scale payment option!): http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/audio-zines/4416/

The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbookhttp://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/4408/

Discount Bundle Deal for BOTH books: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/4761

Stores! Are you interested in carrying the two new BJE books? For wholesale inquires, visit http://MicrocosmPublishing.Com/

What’s that, you say?
Vinyl is making a comeback? No duh, says Merchy, our long-suffering merch table, barely standing up under the weight of our assortment of records, books, shirts and buttons. Open wide, Merchy, ‘cause hot off the presses, we’ve got TWO NEW 7” RECORDS!

First up, check out the Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa/Bobby Joe Ebola 7″ EP OUT NOW ON Chattanooga’s own Mayfield’s All Killer No Filler! This four song EP features two songs each from BJE & KLS, awesome artwork by Amy Mayfield & Hillary Trammel, liner notes and a cool Mayfield’s vinyl sticker! BJE songs are the original BJE saxophone rocker, “The Poor” and a cover of Tom Lehrer‘sMy Hometown“. KLS songs are the original “Nothing Youth Battalion” and the cover of The Trash Monkeys’ “Beautiful Boy/Beautiful Girl“!

We MacNuggits have always had much love for the “Region Rockers” of Chattanooga, Tennessee and for the ever-weird art-punk band KLS. This 7″ is representative of that love to us!

TO ORDER YOURS: EMAIL MAYFIELDRECORDS@GMAIL.COM and the good folks there will write you back, get your shipping address & will send you a Paypal invoice so you can pay for your order. 7″s are $6 plus shipping (shipping costs varies on location). Stores & Distros: Email the same address to ask about wholesale cost!

Order the BJE/KLS 7″ now at this link: https://squareup.com/market/mayfields-all-killer-no-filler-records/bobby-joe-ebola-kls

Buh-BAM! In addition, we’re also proud to announce a large hole 45″ EP on JUKEBOX RECORDS!

This 7″ will feature the BRAND NEW & UNRELEASED song “Tashirojima”, written about the true story of the harrowing survival of the citizens of “Cat Island” during the 2011 Japanese tsunami AND our BRAND NEW & UNRELEASED cover of Phil Ochs‘ “Draft Dodger Rag“! Two other BJE tracks fill the sucker out for good measure!

How do you get this fine record? We’re glad you asked!

Run by Dave of Lucky Laquers, JUKEBOX RECORDS is a subscription service where you can get 6 months ($30) or 12 months ($60) of 7″s arriving to your door - you get one new 7″ every month plus subscribers get a BONUS 7″! That’s seven 7″s for $30 or 13 7″s for $60! Whatta deal! Each 7″ also comes with a custom printed center hole adapter and amazing sleeve art by artists Ken Lyon (2013 7″s) and Peter Bagge (2014 7″s)! Each 7″ features at least one original and one cover by each band!

Order your subscription now over at http://www.jukebox-records.com/index.php - let them know you’d like the Bobby Joe Ebola 7″ in your subscription!

Say, did you know there’s a documentary film about us?  Yup. I know, weird, right?

And after months of nail-gnawing anticipation, it’s finally screening! The award-winning documentary short Trainwreck to Narnia, directed by Dylan Bergeson, follows our 2012 West Coast tour, as we prepared for our first-ever performance at The Troubadour in Los Angeles! Join us November 10th at The New Parkway in Oakland for the first public screening of the film!

Facebook event for the screening here: https://www.facebook.com/events/374108329389482/

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH – 12:30PM – 2:30PM

@ The New Parkway, 474 24th St Oakland, 94612

We are proud to announce that ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS EVENT WILL BENEFIT BAY AREA GIRLS ROCK CAMP! Find out more about this great organization here:http://www.bayareagirlsrockcamp.org/

The screening will be followed by an acoustic performance and Q&A with us!

And this is probably a good segue into another exciting development in Ebola-land –  our return to the stage! You may have noticed our absence from live performance since, good god, way back in May. Last month, we broke our fast with an acoustic performance in Portland to celebrate the release of our books. And we’ve got a bunch of gigs and appearances coming up before year’s end, so hopefully we can make up for lost time!

Upcoming October/November Bobby Joe Ebola Show Dates



10/26 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – @ Clarion Alley Block Party

10/27 - BERKELEY, CA @ Firehouse Art Events Hangar

11/2 – OAKLAND, CA – @ Night Light for Haus Of Labor

11/3 – SACRAMENTO, CA – @ Luigi’s w/ City of Vain, Dead Dads, The Strange Party, & Ramones karaoke!

11/8 – SANTA ROSA, CA – @ Arlene Francis Center w/ TBA

11/10 – OAKLAND, CA – @ The New Parkway Theater (“Trainwreck to Narnia” documentary screening, live performance and Q&A)

11/23 – BERKELEY, CA – @ The Escapist Comic Bookstore (FREE live performance & book signing)

11/30 – OAKLAND, CA – @ 1-2-3-4 GO! Records with Emily’s Army, BOATS!

12/9 – PORTLAND, OR – @ Powell’s Hawthorne (Book signing and live performance)

More shows and details will likely be confirmed soon, so check our Upcoming Shows calendar to stay on top of things.

And as we gaze into our crystal balls, we predict…. a LIVE ALBUM! That’s right, by popular demand, we’ll be recording a brand-new acoustic live album in October, to be released on Rooftop Comedy Productions. The record will feature some classic Bobby Joe Ebola songs, and a few never-before-released tracks. Two voices. One guitar. Stay tuned, and we’ll have more details about that release as soon as it is released.

There’s so much more going on right now. We’ve got more music videos in the works, more recording projects, weirder merchandise, and ever-more ambitious flights of fancy that will leave you breathless and perhaps a little nauseous. In the fullness of time, this will all be revealed.

And that uncertainty is part of the fun, isn’t it? We may not have the jetpack and pneumatic-tube future we were promised; we may live in a rather dystopian cyberpunk world of flying killer robots, flesh-eating dope and creeping radioactive doom. But we can grow hamburgers now, and we might have light sabers soon. That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? Until next time, friends and fans, be good to one another.\

- Dan and Corbett of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits