And then, like THAT! It was Summer… Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of Ebola. Greetings, Internet travelers! It’s time yet again for another thrilling update from your trenchant troubadours of truculence, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that there’s never a dull moment. Even on hiatus from shows and tours, we remain absurdly busy. Our last post was a tad glum, we admit, but we want to assure you that even as we wrassle our problems head-on, there’s plenty of good news pulsing from our beacon, like alien radiation from that downed UFO in your backyard.

First, an announcement we’re pretty excited about. For the first time in the band’s existence, our entire catalog is available online, in one location! You can get all our albums and EPs, some choice live recordings, and even some ringtones, here:

Big thanks to our friends at Rooftop Comedy Productions for helping us navigate the sometimes-confusing world of online music distribution. For a limited time, you can stream the whole collection for FREE, so go check out something you haven’t heard before, and if you like it, it’s only a click away from being part of your permanent collection! Rooftop has also injected our entire discography into many worldwide digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and many more!) via their digital distributor, The Orchard! This is truly exciting news for us! Definitely a big step up for us! Hooray!

Next bit o’ news: The documentary about our band titled, Trainwreck To Narnia (after our album with the same name) premiered last month in Berkeley, CA where director Dylan Bergeson and his film promptly won the Margaret & William Hearst Award For Excellence in Documentary Film. Congrats to Dylan and his excellent crew! More details soon about national festivals and local events where you’ll be able to see it! For now, you can view the trailer below!

For updates on festival appearances and special screenings:

Trainwreck to Narnia movie trailer from dylan bergeson on Vimeo.

Something cool is brewing! We have begun planning a VERY awesome and SECRET (for now!) thing that is set to take place at the beginning of August! It will super special to be sure, something unlike we have ever done before! Stay posted for more details as they come to light! No joke, it’s rad!

And that’s not all! Soon, we are expecting the arrival of our brand new split vinyl 7″ record with Asheville’s Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa on Chattanooga label Mayfield’s All Killer No Filler! This will be the family label’s first ever record and we are very honored to be a part of it! Our love for the Mayfield’s and the city of Chattanooga, TN stretches back almost 15 years, so this release means a lot to us. It features two songs from KLS and two from Bobby Joe Ebola: a new & original saxophone driven ode to prison and poverty called “The Poor” and an officially licensed version of our hero Tom Lehrer’s “My Hometown”! We will let you know how you can order a copy as soon as it is available!

As many of you know, we’re spending the summer in a sort of band cocoon (or perhaps more like a heroic cinematic montage); a bit of soul-searching, a lot of re-organizing, and trying to fix what’s broken, so that we can re-emerge mightier and more fun than ever before. Some of these problems have to do with our financial situation, and so we’re currently trying to raise funds with an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. The funds we raise from this will help us get proper equipment, help us pay off some looming costs for projects in progress, get us started on some new releases and music videos we’ve got brewing, and get us back on our feet again as a working, touring band. If you are able to help financially, we have a slew of really exciting thank-you gifts, from not only the band’s archives but also cool stuff courtesy of our good friends at Microcosm Publishing, Horrible Comics, Selfish Satan Recordings, Dirt Cult Records, Alternative Tentacles Records, Sykotic Buttons and much more!!! Go check out the link and help if you can:

Every little bit counts, friends! If you can’t contribute right now, we totally understand. We hope that either way, you can show your support by spreading this link far and wide throughout the Internet. Share it with friends, enemies, and strangers, and encourage them to donate and share, too!

Two of the projects we’re raising money to pay for, and currently slaving away at, are two books! Yep, we’re venturing into the world of print, a collaborative double-header with Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics, thanks to a generous leap of faith from Microcosm Publishing. OK, actually TWO leaps of faith; Meal Deal With The Devil, the read-along storybook and CD EP, and The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook, a compendium of essays, fun facts, puzzles, and nearly 100 Bobby Joe Ebola songs, all hilariously and lavishly illustrated by over 40 of the most talented illustrators alive today, including the aforementioned Mr. Chandler, who is also acting as art director and editor. Both of these books come out this Fall, so keep an eye out for those when you’re doing your holiday shopping! You can preorder them now at these links:

Meal Deal With The Devil:

The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook -

Publishing is, of course, a whole different animal than music. Making sure we create something top-notch, on deadline, has meant a ton of VERY long days and restless nights. The end is in sight, though, and soon we will turn our hideous gaze toward some other projects we’ve got bubbling up.

Later this year, fundage permitting (see IndieGoGo campaign above), we hope to finish a project we’ve been working on for three years now: The DVD version of our 2010 album F. Titled F: The Videos, we are only two videos away from the lucky 13 we need to complete the album. Not only is this unheard-of by an independent band, it’s also gonna be really effin’ cool.

Of course, as many of you know, we’ve since come out with another album, Trainwreck to Narnia. And we also plan to work on a few more videos for that album too! We’ve got some fun ideas for those and again, funds permitting, we hope to have those completed by the end of 2013 as well. Some of our IndieGoGo donors will have the chance to appear in our videos, so if that’s something you’re interested in, click here to donate!

In the midst of all this, we’ve even got new music! That’s right, those of you who saw our May NW tour, or were at our May 23rd show at Great American Music Hall, got to hear us unveil a new batch of tunes we’ve been working on. Sometime this Winter, we hope to record these and other new songs at Jingletown Studios in Oakland, for probably the most intense recording sessions of our lives.

All of this is to say that the band, far from being dead, is busier than ever, planting seeds which will be sprouting all through the latter half of 2013. We hope that you will pardon our dust and stay tuned; more exciting news is coming. We’re grateful to you, fans and friends, for giving us somebody to share it with. Now, back to the salt mines with us.

Until next time,

Dan & Corbett