Out from beneath the rubble of a thousand-year-old pyramid, from amid the post-nuclear dust cloud and the crackle of blood still frying on stone steps, a faint sound can be heard… Is it the call of some new mutant species of bird, warbling out a paean for dead billions; the feathered, scaled idiot herald of a new, post-Anthropocene era? The alien chittering of vengeful pan-dimensional beings, triumphantly arisen from the oceans to take back this pitiful planet and usher in a new Chaos Age?

No, dear friends, it is none of these things. The sound you hear could be us, whistling a jaunty air from our bunker! The prophecies proved themselves false in the fullness of time (though there will be more doomsday predictions, or what will Weekly World News write about?); We’re still standing, and the Great Slate, cluttered though it may be with obscene scribbles and words of cruelty and injustice, has not been wiped clean… yet.

And here at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, your purveyors of wrong in song, we’ve been looking back on our 2012 day-planners with a slight sense of disbelief.  We made it, most of us, and here we stand in the Post Apocalypse. Welcome, folks, to 2013!

If you’re just discovering our band, here’s a not-so-quick rundown of how our year went:

If you’ve been following our exploits, you know that 2012 was a banner year for this band. New shows, new releases, new videos, bigger and better adventures, and a growing sense that we can actually do this. With the help and encouragement of our friends and fans (and boy is there a lot of overlap there), we’ve accomplished more in 2012 than any band has a right to hope for. And believe it or not, we’re planning even more outrageous adventures for 2013.

In January, we crossed the Pond for The UnNamed Fest in London. Our first trek beyond North America, this was an insane weekend with lots of old friends, and plenty of new friends as well! Thanks to the organizers and all of the awesome bands and  friends we played with including Prima Donna, Mystic Knights of the Cobra, The Phenomenauts, Kepi Ghoulie and more!

In February, we returned to Dutch Oven Studios in Oakland for another round of recording, part of an epic session which had begun in August 2011. At this point, the Dutch Oven was starting to feel like a second home. We also found time to film a music video for “The Only Difference” with Chris Poeschl of Rock Rock Media, starring Oakland phenom Jamie Dewolf as a yuppie-killing baddie (or goodie, depending on your point of view) – check out the video below!

March started with a bang, when we played The Independent in San Francisco, a new milestone for us. We filmed more videos, including the crowdfunded epic video for “Life is Excellent” and “Jornaderos”, and started a fundraising campaign to purchase a tour vehicle. And thanks to our faithful fans, and the high-pressure squirting of internet tubes, we were able to buy our van, which we dubbed Malaena, the Ebola Gay. Check out our video for Jornaderos below!

In April, Malaena proved a faithful steed as we embarked upon our first tour as a full band. In two weeks we hit the seven westernmost states, and were excited to play Gathering of the Goofpunx in Portland, Way Out West Fest in Tucson, and a crapload of other fun shows throughout the West. We made a ‘zine from that tour, which is available at our merch table! And again, we squeezed in a video, this one for “Waking Up is Hard To Do”, also with Rock Rock Media and starring our buddy Chino Cobra (guitarist for Mystic Knights Of The Cobra) as our love child.

For much of May, Dan was out of town with his other awesome band Thee HoboGobbelins, but the Ebola train kept rolling. We played The Rickshaw Stop, another one of SF’s premiere venues, and spent every available moment recording at The Dutch Oven, while booking a huge festival and a US tour. You know, just hanging out.

Which brings us to June. We started the month with one of the year’s highlights, Monsters of Geek. If you missed it, this was an incredible two-day festival at The Uptown in Oakland, featuring some of our favorite bands, all in top form. Shortly after that, we hit the road for the Doo-Doo Crayon Tour, roughly 12,000 miles of fart jokes and coffee! Dan and Corbett, two grizzled road warriors, hunched over the steering wheel for epic driving marathons and utterly mindblowing shows. We’re so glad we got to take part in so many festivals and fantastic lineups this tour, including Libertatia (CA), Punk Island (NY) and Do Ya Hear We? Fest (Chattanooga). Thanks as always to everyone who showed us kindness on the Road, whether for the first time or the umpteenth time. You haven’t seen the last of us!

Tour stretched into the early part of July, and when we arrived home we were feeling kinda lazy. So we contented ourselves with merely playing 11 shows and staring slackjawed at the video premiere of “Bone Dagger”!!! This beautifully animated music video from Mike Foxall of XRay Studios was a new plateau for us, and we hope you guys out there enjoyed watching it as much as we did. Check it out below!

August was a month of frantic production work and saw the premieres of two great videos: “Sandwiches & Ammunition”, a claymation tour de force from director and animator Janelle Hessig, and the long-awaited “Life is Excellent”, directed by comedian Alex Koll and featuring a cast of over 100 talented (and patient) artists, performers, fans and friends. The premiere coincided with a feature article in the Huffington Post, which, hey, pretty spiffy! We also put the finishing touches on over a year’s worth of studio work. Check out the videos for Sandwiches & Ammunition and Life Is Excellent below!

In September we headed to San Diego for Awesome Fest, and played several great local shows with the likes of Marked Men, Fleshies, This Bike Is A Pipebomb and Kyle Kinane! We also started working on booking our Fall tours, which as you fellow travelers may know, can be a labyrinth of overlapping phone calls, emails, texts and endless notebook scribblings.

October saw the release of the Bone Dagger 7” from Suckerpunch Records. We were so excited about this because it was the first release from all the hours we’d spent in studio. Thanks to all the many folks who fed our excitement pre-ordered the records and the Super Bundle (still available and includes a huge poster, buttons, a shirt, stickers and more all in a DRAGON SKIN collector’s box!), and all who have purchased it since. You can still pick them up at any of our live shows, or through Suckerpunch at : http://suckerpunchrecords.bigcartel.com/product/bobby-joe-ebola-bone-dagger-7

November marked the first half of our Bone Dagger Tour! We headed up to Portland and back as an acoustic duo for some super-duper shows, returning into the swirl of production for this year’s batch of releases. We were also proud to premiere another video, “Pac-Man & Pop Tarts”, directed by our longtime co-conspirator Anthony Marchitiello. And we spent a couple of days filming our latest video “Blues Turn Brown”, directed again by Chris from Rock Rock Media. Watch the Pac-Man & Pop Tarts video below!

December shot us out a rock’n’roll cannon! We started the second half of our Bone Dagger Tour opening up for World/Inferno Friendship Society and O’Death, for three fantastic, fun-filled nights; Slim’s (SF), The Troubadour (LA), and The Casbah (San Diego). Woot, as the kids say. Thanks to all who came to support us at those shows, and the rest of our Southern CA shows later in the month! We were honored to play some of these legendary stages for the first time ever and doubly so to be playing with such great bands!

And right after we got home from that tour, it was time to celebrate the official release of our new album, Trainwreck to Narnia. Thanks to the kind assistance of Rooftop Comedy Productions and Dirt Cult Records, who worked with us and each other to get the record out on CD, LP and online formats, Trainwreck to Narnia is available just about every way you could want it. Thanks to all who pre-ordered the record, and those of you who keep playing it for friends and neighbors at high volume!

You can order the Digital or CD through Rooftop at : http://shop.rooftopcomedy.com/album/trainwreck-to-narnia

And Dirt Cult has the LP over at: http://dirtcultrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1015

And of course, you can always pick up a copy at any one of our live shows.

Click here to read a BRAND NEW feature/review of the album on The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-webster/trainwreck-to-narnia-an-a_b_2405278.html

Oh, but that’s not all. The year ended with a friggin’ amazing sold out show at Oakland’s Uptown Nightclub December 29, with us supporting the legendary NEGATIVLAND! Holy wow, it was a packed show full of friends and appreciative strangers. The best release party we’ve ever had for a new record to be sure! Then we released our BRAND NEW Blues Turn Brown video! Watch it below!

Whew… so you can see, 2012, far from being the end of times, is just the beginning for us at Bobby Joe Ebola. We moseyed out from the flames of your so-called apocalypse with a brand new album, a 7”, eight new music videos, and a whole bunch of great memories.

But how do you intend to top that, we hear you say. How can 2013 possibly touch the net, let alone dunk on such a fearsome defense as 2012’s? Well, dunk we will, my friends, and let the milk splash where it may!

January is already looking to be a great month for live shows. We are proud to announce we will be playing SF Sketchfest thanks to our pal Dominic Del Bene at Rooftop Comedy!

Check out Bobby Joe Ebola’s official SF Sketchfest page at this link by clicking here.

And for more info on each of our upcoming shows, visit our Events calendar here: http://bobbyjoeebola.com/?page_id=13


Jan 16 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place w/ Water Tower
Jan 19 – Oakland, CA @ Art Beat w/ High Anxiety & Mud Mouth (LP Release show for “Trainwreck to Narnia”)
Jan 26 – San Francisco, CA @ Stagewerx (SF SKETCHFEST / ROOFTOP COMEDY SHOWCASE!)
Jan 30th – San Francisco, CA @ The Dark Room for The Business Comedy Show!
Feb 2nd – San Francisco, CA @ Stagewerx (SF SKETCHFEST / ROOFTOP COMEDY SHOWCASE!)
Feb 8th – Sacramento, CA @ The Where House w/ Secretions, Love Songs, The Minsky Blackouts and more!
Feb 9th – Chico, CA @ Monstro’s for Rache Riot’s Birthday Show w/ Season of the Witch, Ryan Davidson, Love Songs & Puke N’ Rally
Feb 10th – Redding, CA @ Chud’s Dojo w/ Love Songs, The Gamut and The Minsky Blackouts

Beyond January, our visions get even weirder and grander. We’ve got a ton of releases planned for the year; several new 7” records including a split vinyl 7″ release with Asheville’s Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa on Chattanooga record store/label Mayfield’s All Killer No Filler, the double-cassette live album box set Bad Boys Gotta Rock It! on Selfish Satan Recordings, an illustrated readalong storybook and EP package called Meal Deal With The Devil (click here to pre-order), and The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook (click here to pre-order), including (among other things) lyrics and chords for our entire catalogue!

Both Meal Deal and the Songbook are collaborations with the amazing Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics/Frustrators fame AND they are available NOW for pre-order thru our awesome friends at Microcosm Publishing! Look for both books to be out in Fall 2013!

Look for us also on the road, as we’re planning three months of tour (including Europe!), as well as more videos, more studio time, and bigger and wilder shows than ever before. We hope you’ll continue to find us interesting, that you’ll check out our concerts, our videos and our releases.

We want to thank all of you for keeping the faith in Team Ebola, and for enjoying all the assorted weirdness that travels from our heads to yours.

We made it folks! Now let’s kick 2013’s ass together!

-Dan & Corbett and the whole gang at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits