Eek! The sun!

The gentle, life-giving rays of Ol’ Yeller have begun to bake the northern part of the planet. Summer has arrived, and its vicious rays bring strange portents of a year unlike any other. Proud green lawns wither and bow before the day-star’s wrath, browned hills shimmer in waves of heat, abandoned dogs pant furiously under cars, and America closes the blinds and cranks up the air conditioning with crossed fingers. It’s gonna be a hot one, perhaps the hottest yet.

Nobody knows that like your friends at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. Even before the Sun grew angry, we knew that this year would be special. Even before the stars began sending us passive-aggressive little astronomical omens, we knew this; before drug-crazed cannibals were common enough to bring up in casual coversation, we were hard at work crafting music for a world gone terribly bonkers.

Not for a world about to end; that would be too easy. The world will go on, probably longer than anyone imagines. But big changes are coming, and soon!

We are in for a tremendously interesting ride this year. With the world so topsy-turvy, we’re glad to say there’s plenty of good news coming from Bobby Joe Ebola these days. Five releases, videos, a tour, and much more on the horizon. The Ebola’s really hitting the flan. So dig in!

We spent a good portion of Winter and Spring in the studio recording dozens of new songs, on set filming new music videos, and on the road playing for audiences all over the U.S. and beyond. Starting June 16, we hit the road once more, smearing our music and spicy social critique across the hearts of America for our 2012 “Doo Doo Crayon” U.S. Tour! Check tour dates below to see when and where we’re playing near you!


Thursday, June 14th – OAKLAND, CA @ Vitus w/ Angel & Robot Show, Sweet Nothing and Mud Mouth (TOUR KICKOFF SHOW!) – Event link here:

Saturday, June 16th – LIBERTATIA YONL 2012 (FREE music campout in Northern CA)
Event Link here:
Alternate event link here:

Saturday, June 16th – RENO, NV @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor w/ Reno, We Have A Problem and more! – Event link here:

Monday, June 18th – MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ THE LOWTECH PALACE w/ Mean Mug, Ogre Smash Death Boom and more TBA
Event link here:

Tuesday, June 19th – CHICAGO, IL @ Township w/ Annie Strong, Days Off and Al Scorch – Event link here:

Thursday, June 21st – BALTIMORE, MD @ The Ottobar for Insubordination Fest w/ Dr. Frank & Friends, Slow Death, Mkey Erg and many more! – Event link here:

Friday, June 22nd – BOSTON, MA @ PA’s Lounge w/ Civil Warblers, Babydriver and Gums Mcgee! – Event link here:

Saturday, June 23rd – NEW YORK, NY @ Grand Victory w/ Marvin Berry & The New Sound and more – Event link here:

Sunday, June 24th – GOVERNOR’S ISLAND, NY @ Punk Island Festival- Event link here:

Monday, June 25h – PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Cloud City w/ The Numerators – Event link here:

Tuesday, June 26th – WASHINGTON, D.C. @ Wasted Dream w/ Harrison Four, Bouncing Betty and more TBA! – Event link here:

Wednesday, June 27th – ASHEVILLE, NC @ Static Age Records w/ Street Eaters and Wade Boggs (ex Carrie Nations) – Event link here:

Thursday, June 28th – ATHENS, GA @ The Globe w/ Street Eaters, Antlered Auntlord and more – Event link here:

Friday, June 29th – CHATTANOOGA, TN @ Sluggo’s North – Do Ya Hear We? Fest w/ Possible Side Effects, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Onetimers, Big Kitty, 40oz Folklore, Very Very Sneaky, Fast Boys, Future Virgins, Brainbow, ADDC, Zippers to Nowhere, Generator Earth, Aren’t They Queer, Real Drag, Gettobird, Golden Ruler, Child Support, Scum of the Earth, Fat Shadow, Street Eaters, Hard Feelings, Cheesequake, Neon Piss, Gumskirt, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, Nature Boys, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa, the Wild Kind, and more! – Event link here:

Saturday, June 30th – MEMPHIS, TN @ Murphy’s w/ The Near Reaches and more TBA! – Event link here:

Sunday, July 1st – TULSA, OK @ The Vinyl Countdown w/ The Dirty Mugs and buck.buck! – All Ages – 6pm – Event link here:

Tuesday, July 3rd – LAS CRUCES, NM @ The Trainyard with City Mouse and more! – Event link here:

Wednesday, July 4 – FLAGSTAFF, AZ @ TBA

Thursday, July 5th – LOS ANGELES – @ Olystis Music & Production Studios w/ Tartar Control, Ogre Mage, Tooks and more! – Event link here:

Friday, July 6th – WATSONVILLE, CA @ Springfield Grange Hall w/ The Thirsty Three and more

Sunday, July 8th – BERKELEY, CA @ Rasputin Music (2pm early show!) – Rasputin in-store event link here:
* Also tune in (or stream it live) to KALX 90.7 Berkeley at 11am to catch us talking about the new album, our tour and more! Radio show info here:

Friday, July 13th – BERKELEY, CA @ Space Lounge at Saturn Cafe w/ Victoria & The Vaudeviliians and Sarchasm – Event link here:

That July 8 show in Berkeley will be a special release party for our first record of the year: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bone Dagger is almost upon you! The official release date of this Suckerpunch Records 7” is July 14 (Bastille Day!) , but we’ll have advance copies at this show to help celebrate the launch of the Bone Dagger music video!!! Directed by Mike Foxall of XRay Studios (who also did the kickass artwork on the record sleeve), this music video is going to blow you away. Rarely have we been so stoked on any single day, but July 8 will be an exciting day for Bobby Joe Ebola fans and members alike.

But we have other releases coming down the chute: The Blues Turn Brown 7”, The Meal Deal With The Devil EP & More!, with accompanying readalong storybook by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics, which will be out on SLG Publishing later this summer.  “Tashirojima”, a strange and catchy J-Pop ditty whose proceeds will help animals displaced by the Japanese tsunami via JEARS. And let’s not forget our new 12 song full-length album Trainwreck to Narnia! We’ll keep you up on release dates for these as they firm up, but goddamn, it’s going to be a long, weird busy summer for us. We hope you’ll stick with us and enjoy the ride. In the meantime, enjoy our videos, which will be coming out at a steady pace over the next few months. We hope to have all the videos for our album F compiled into DVD form by the end of the summer. We’ll keep you up to date on that too. So get out there and do some stuff. But stick to the shade if you can. The Sun is out to get you this year.