Howdy, friends! Hooboy, it’s busy in Ebolaville. Blink and you’ll miss some exciting development or another. If we were newsies, just about every day we’d have to yell “STOP THE PRESSES!” And thankfully, most all of it is GREAT news. It keeps us constantly on our toes, though. We’re like frantic rock’n'roll ballerinas these days.

Check it out:

So last night (March 1st) we played The Independent in SF, one of the larger clubs we’ve ever played. Thanks to all who showed up to see us rock a fun opening set. They had chips and salsa in the dressing room! It was so good, Dan took some home. Somebody’s having huevos rancheros for breakfast! Not a bad start for March.

This month we’re putting the final touches on a brand-new full-length album, due out sometime this Spring. Holy Ding-Dongs, you are gonna FLIP when you hear what we’ve been working on. We’ve been looking through “1001 Baby Album Names” and decided to call it “Trainwreck to Narnia“, whether its a boy or a girl. From the same batch of recordings, we’ll be releasing three 7″ records and the Meal Deal With The Devil EP and we’ll keep you updated as those releases come down the ol’ Nuggit chute. Here are the details on the new LP… More info on it’s release date very soon!
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
“Trainwreck To Narnia”

1.) After The Armadillo
2.) Vanilla American
3.) Blues Turn Brown
4.) Cop Kisser
5.) Biological Imperative
6.) The Poor
7.) Baked Beans & Whiskey
8.) Walk In The Crosswalk
9.) Censor The Word
10.) Bone Dagger
11.) Hey Everybody!
12.) The Last Child Soldier

This month we’ll also be filming more music videos, as we approach the finish line of our epic quest to film 13 music videos (One for each song on our album “F”). “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” and the fantastically ambitious “Life Is Excellent” are both scheduled for this month.

As most of you know we’re gearing up for a busy touring season. April finds us pillaging the Western United States during a 10 day tour of the Pacific Northwest (more info on the tour at the Facebook event for the whole shebang here: This will be a historic tour- our first as a full band. Then in June, we’re hitting the road again! This time it’s for an entire month, and the entire nation!  Here are the details for the April tour…


Wed 4/4 Oakland, CA @ The New Parish w/ Dr. Frank, Franz Nicolay, Sansa & Shiri Show and Sean McArdle – Event link here:

Thu 4/5 Chico @ Origami Lounge w/ Baghdad Batteries, The Pushers and Disorderly Event – $5/All Ages – Event link here:

Fri 4/6 Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater w/ The Bad Things & Titanium Sporkestra – Tickets here: - Event link here:

(Also on Fri. 4/6, Bobby Joe Ebola vs Nardwuar interview airs on CITR 101.9 Canada – listen online here:

Sat 4/7 Portland, OR @ Gathering of the GoofPunx – Event link here:

Sun 4/8 Portland, OR @ SlabTown w/ Delaney & Paris, Autry, Giant Ruinous Monster Wrestling (hosted by Comedians Xander Deveau and Trevor Thorpe) and more! – Event link here:

Mon 4/9 Boise, ID @ The Shredder w/ Hotel Chelsea and more! – Event link here:

Tue 4/10 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Event link here:

Wed 4/11 – DAY OFF!!

Thu 4/12 Las Vegas @ Motor City Cafe LV w/ EON (Elements Of Now) – Event link here:

Fri 4/13 Flagstaff, AZ @ Taala Hooghan Infoshop w/ Day of the Dog, The Blissins, Outernational! and Shining Soul and more! – Event link here:

Sat 4/14 Tucson @ Way Out West Fest – Event link here:

Sun 4/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy w/ MKOTC, Adam Bones and more! – Event link here: - Buy tickets here:

We want to bring it to your hometown; the majesty of rock! The mystery of roll! And a truly stupendous array of Bobby Joe Ebola merch; T-shirts, stickers, vinyl, CDs, glow-in-the-dark Baby Jesus buttplugs – everything you need to be equipped for the rock apocalypse. Check out the tons of new items in the Bobby Joe Ebola Online Merch Superstore! Click the link here to visit:

Only one thing is missing: A TOUR VAN.

Thanks a million to all of you who’ve contributed to our Kickstarter fund (Tour van fund campaign link here:, and thanks as well to those of you reposting and helping us to get the word out. You might be broke, but your reposts are getting to people who CAN contribute. And you play an important part in that. So THANKS! And keep up the great work!

We’ve got 11 days left to make $5,000. Daunting? Yes. But we can do it. With your help, we can reach folks who might have $20, $100, or even $1000 to put toward helping us get on the Road. Which is the only way we will ever be be able to to make this band our livelihood.

Think of us as a small business, if you like. And getting off the ground is not easy. But we’re determined to make it work. If we can acquire a van that won’t break down in Middle of Nowhere-ville, we can bring our tidings of discomfort and joy just about anywhere. We’ll play our hearts out every night. We’ll sell you a t-shirt and a button, and then we race off into the night for another town, another crowd.

This is our dream. We can make it happen. You can help. You MUST help. You don’t want to see us grovel, it’s ugly. But PLEEEAASE prettyprettyplease with sugar on top. Contribute what you can to our tour van fund, and help spread the word! We’ve got cool prizes and gifts for you, just check the link above. Thanks so much, and we hope to see you on the road!

Love & Explosions,
-Dan & Corbett