Looking for an awesome way to start out 2012?! Well, look no further than the BOBBY JOE EBOLA/TORNADO RIDER/EMILY’S ARMY Rock & Roll Weekend! Check the awesome flyer by AdamD of Gnarboots! Please repost!

Friday, January 6th, Saturday January 7th and Sunday, January 8th in Berkeley, San Francisco and San Jose respectively, these wildly fun bands are joining forces to bring the noise and then some!

Each show features a different lineup with special surprise guests and friends such as Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds, Go National!), The Smell, Monstrauss and The Caps!

And to top it off, Bobby Joe Ebola will be joined by Sean & Josh of Mystic Knights of the Cobra to bring you THREE RARE MACNUGGIT FULL BAND PERFORMANCES!

Show details and band websites below! See you there!



Friday, Jan. 6th – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/ Bobby Joe Ebola, Tornado Rider, Kevin Seconds, Emily’s Army and The Smell ($7, All Ages, 8PM) – 924 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 94701

EVENT LINK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/116569421780979/

Saturday, Jan. 7th – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop w/ Tornado Rider, Emily’s Army and Bobby Joe Ebola ($12, All Ages, 9PM) – 155 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 – On Fell Street between Franklin & Van Ness

EVENT LINK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/173299389420059/

Sunday, Jan 8th – San Jose, CA – SLG Boutiki w/ Tornado Rider, Monstrauss, Bobby Joe Ebola, Emily’s Army and The Caps ($10, All Ages, 7PM) – 577 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Make it a full weekend! Pencil it in now!


Hey there! Bobby Joe Ebola fans! Friends, countrymen, fellow Earthlings. We’re proud to announce we’re on a new compilation called Occupy International, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. There’s also a big port shutdown on Monday, if you happen to live near a shipping port. We’ll get to all of that. But first, we need to have a little talk:

There is something deeply wrong with the way civilization is doing things. A few people are making all the decisions, decisions that benefit themselves. We are not asked for our opinion, even just to be polite. The people who are “in charge” making the big decisions are thinking about the world as a set of numbers; People go to work and create this amount of money, or shop and purchase this many units of GDP, or vote and produce so many votes. An acre of trees is worth this much paper pulp or toothpicks. These numbers must always grow, and the growth must always accelerate. Never mind that we’re running out of trees to turn into toothpicks. Human needs don’t really factor in; things that can’t be counted, well, they just don’t count, do they? And pretty much the whole planet has been feeling the effects of this kind of arithmetic for decades, whether we wanted any part of it or not.

But if we want to be totally honest here, WE’VE been making decisions too. We’ve been deciding NOT to decide; it’s too hard and time-consuming. It’s so much easier when someone else makes the call, isn’t it? It’s this attitude that has created our system of waste amid need, starvation amid abundance, and tyranny waving a flag of freedom. We enable this system every day. We help it along, too; with silence, with our complicity, and with our active participation. Because we don’t see any other possibilities, do we?

This is just what the people at the top want us to believe; that this top down madness is the only way we can organize ourselves, and that our wants trump other peoples’ needs. They’ve either forgotten that their power comes from us, or they fear that we will remember it.

This is suicide. This whole damn system is a runaway train headed off a cliff. All we have to do is pull the brakes, all of us, and get off. Yes, we’ll have to walk from there and figure it out. But if we all pull together we can keep each other safe so that we’re around to figure it out.

Convenience has brought us to the edge of disaster. The people in charge clearly need our help making good decisions. So we’re going to remind them that we are here, and that we have lots of ideas.

We wish to support this show of strength by free people who want a future. This is why we contributed a track to OCCUPY INTERNATIONAL, a compilation of 24 tracks from different artists in solidarity around the globe, including hip-hip revolutionaries DEAD PREZ! The comp includes rock, punk, hip-hop, electronic music, and stuff I can’t even describe.

Occupy International’s official release date is December 11, and is available to stream or download at http://spaz.org/~thmole/occupy or http://dalycityrecords.com/the_mole/occupy.

Hopefully this music gives you strength and lifts up your spirits when things get difficult. Because they will get difficult. But you know what? We’ll be right there with you. Um, unless we’re all sent to an internment camp. In which case… we’ll be right there with you.

Despite the bullshit, it is still a wonderful world we live in. Not only did all our friends and fans pull together to help us make crazy music video history by raising $6040 for our ‘Life Is Excellent’ project, now we find out that we got played on Dr. Demento’s online radio show! It’s the first time we’ve been played on his show since 1997.

Also played on the same show were The Dead Milkmen, Mojo Nixon,They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Weird Al… We love that wacky bastard!

Go check out Demento’s site and thank him for having us!