From the trash-strewn strip malls and refinery-blighted hills of the San Francisco Bay Area comes the legendary acoustic duo Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. Since its inception in 1995, the band has infected the hearts and minds of thousands of audiences, with an unforgettable combination of scathing social satire, contagious songwriting, intense and unpredictable performances, and poop jokes. Armed with only a guitar and two voices, singer Corbett Redford and singer/guitarist Dan Abbott have become the go-to troubadours for hilarious post-apocalyptic advice.

To complement its latest album, F (out on SF-based label SSBC) the band is releasing music videos for each of the record’s 13 songs .The first music video, “Poly” (the clean version), debuted in May and was promptly banned from YouTube for explicit content (UPDATE: July 5th, the video was reinstated by a YouTube censor as containing ‘artful nudity’!). In the midst of an ongoing 45-date U.S. tour (click here for tour dates and more details), the band is making several of these videos available online on a breakneck schedule (see below for full video release schedule).

June 8, launched an exclusive debut of the video for “Real Cool” . In this zany live-action cartoon, the boys attempt to schmooze their way into a hipster dive bar, and hilarious antics ensue. The “Even Cooler” director’s cut will be released July 12.

The next video, “Lake of Flies”, debuts July 5. Directed by Joseph Demaree, “Lake of Flies” features stunning imagery and special effects. In “Lake of Flies”, Dan and Corbett embark on an eerie psychedelic voyage to a distant realm ruled by a dead god. Lake of Flies is the second part of a trilogy of short films directed by Demaree. The first, “Lost… And Found! In Space!?” debuted online in June.

The band’s first ever music video (BELOW), ‘Freaky Baby’ has garnered over 25,000 combined views on Vimeo, Funny Or Die and YouTube.

The band will offer fans a preview screening of the video for “Sweet Shit of Christ” at its July 29 show at the Uptown Nightclub in Oakland, CA. Directed by Jamie Dewolf (filmmaker and host of Oakland’s long-running Tourette’s Without Regrets variety show), “Sweet Shit of Christ” is a hilarious and scathing look at religious hypocrisy through the ages. The video debuts online September 6.

August 2, the video for “Time is Crawling” debuts online. Also directed by Jamie Dewolf, “Time is Crawling” is a chilling and visceral horror short unlike anything Bobby Joe Ebola fans have ever experienced. Not for the squeamish.

2011 Summer Video Release Schedule

June 8 – “Real Cool” exclusive online premier
July 5 – “Lake of Flies” online premiere
July 12 – “Real Cool” (Even Cooler version) online premiere
July 29 – “Sweet Shit of Christ” debut screening at Uptown Nightclub, Oakland, CA
August 2 – “Time is Crawling” online premiere
September 6 – “Sweet Shit of Christ” online premiere

See all currently available videos on the Bobby Joe Ebola Vimeo page:

Other fun facts:

  • Several other videos are currently in various stages of production, including “Sandwiches and Ammunition”, “Jornaderos” “The Only Difference”, “Waking Up is Hard to Do”, “Pac-Man & Pop Tarts”, “The Crazy”, and “Life is Excellent”. The videos for “The Crazy” and “Life is Excellent” will be directed by standup comedian, San Francisco air guitar champion and filmmaker Alex Koll.
  • A DVD compilation of all 13 music videos is scheduled for released in early 2012, and will include comedy sketches, live performance footage, interviews and other special features.