What is this? Why, something old, something new, something dismal and something doomed, of course! It’s the ¡Carmelita Sings! Visions of a Rock Apocalypse DELUXE REISSUE, now available for purchase! And what makes this edition so deluxe, you ask?! Well… The dark and cerebral classic 2000 album has now been reissued for the first time with it’s original 40 page art-book by our pals at Silver Sprocket! This brick of awesome also features new art inspired by the album’s cataclysmic tone, B-sides, an unreleased MacNuggit radio performance from Canadian station CITR, recorded October 19th, 1999 AND 3 never before reprinted buttons & 2 awesome stickers from the tense and bygone era this opus came out. 32 songs on the CD, plus a download code for another full-length worth of epic Bobby Joe Ebola gems! All for $10!

The art book contains illustrations, paintings, collage and more from many artists including Jon Carling, Moses Saarni, Fermin Mata, Robert Eggplant (Absolutely Zippo), Julia Booze, Dylan Blackthorn, Christopher Murdoch, Jason Chandler (The Frustrators), Baby Deer (Fleshies), Caoimhe Über Alles and even some crude doodles by the band members! Yes, crude doodles!

And that’s not all! Act now an get the PACKAGE DEAL!!! GET BOTH CDs – our most recent album, “F” AND “¡Carmelita Sings! Visions of a Rock Apocalypse” – FOR JUST $14.98 This includes all of the packaging listed above including the vintage buttons and stickers, inserts, liner notes, posters, download codes, and whatever random fun crap we have laying around. These would cost you $18.96 separate, yours now for just $14.98! We are whispering at the phone in hopes that you call! We are hungry! So is Alice the Cat! ORDER NOW! You can also pick up the digital reissue album with the extra CITR tracks now on iTunes and Amazon! Woo!


Bobby Joe Ebola ‘Ring Around The Bullshit’ Summer Tour 2011!!!


June 18th – 30th w/ Emily’s Army! (Adeline Records)


May 23rd – Reno, NV @ Holland Project HQ w/ Dividers and Encounters with Mark Van Norris
May 24th – Salt Lake City, UT @ Raunch Records w/TBA
May 25th – Fort Collins, CO @ TBA w/ The MurderARRRs
May 26th – Denver, CO @ Illegal Pete’s (1530 16th st.) w/ Yuzo Nieto and Laura Gibson (from Pink Hawks)
May 27th – Santa Fe, NM @ TBA
May 28th – Las Cruces, NM @ Trainyard w/ God Equals Genocide and Shang-A-Lang
May 29th – San Antonio, TX @ The Tipper House w/ No Call No Show, Kon Madre and more!
May 30th – Austin, TX @ Hole In The Wall w/ Leo Rondeau, The Inheritance
May 31st – Little Rock, AR @ White Water Tavern w/ R.I.O.T.S. and King Emeritus
June 1st – Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Christian Walker (PEZZ), Micheala Caitlin and Joey Cadre
June 2nd – Chattanooga, TN @ Do Ya Hear Ye! Fest (Venue – JJ’S BOHEMIA)
June 5th – Asheville, NC @ The Get Down w/ Morgan Stickrod and more
June 6th – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Alamo w/ Lemuria & more TBA
June 7th – Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s w/ Cheesequake and The Dog That Bites Everyone
June 8th – Allston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Civil Warblers, The Hatefuckers and Girl Bullets
June 9th – Gettysburg , PA @ The Ragged Edge (Edge Fest) w/ TBA
June 10th – Cleveland, OH @ Menstrual Mansion w/ TBA
June 11th – Chicago, IL @ Grand Manor (3721 W Grand Ave.) w/ Hard Feelings and more
June 12th – Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero w/ Night Birds and more
June 13th – Minneapolis, MN @ The Pearadox w/ The Gift (Wash. D.C.), Hard Feelings and Serrenghetto
June 14th – Duluth, MN @ The Loveshack w/ Hard Feelings, Low Forms and The Moon Is Down
June 16th – Missoula, MN @ Spruce St. Haus w/ Playin’ With God, Gaeb Nyll, and Pony Cannon
June 17th – Seattle, WA @ High Dive w/ Sean Neil (Dynamite Boy) and more
June 18th – Kelso, WA @ Hard Tails w/ Emily’s Army, Dead Giveaways and Minty Rosa
June 19th – Olympia, WA @ Hall of the Woods w/ Emily’s Army, Adam Croce (Rainbow Bridge/Los Rabbis) & more TBA
June 20th – Portland, OR @ Alberta St. Pub w/ Emily’s Army, more TBA
June 21st – Portland, OR @ Sea Shanty w/ Emily’s Army, Delaney & Paris
June 22nd – Bend, OR @ Mad Happy Lounge w/ Emily’s Army
June 23rd – Cottage Grove, OR @ Ax & Fiddle w/ TBA
June 24th –Salem, OR @ Wasteland w/ Emily’s Army, more TBA
June 25th – Ashland, OR @ TBA Emily’s Army & more TBA
June 26th – Davis, CA @ w/ Emily’s Army and more TBA
June 27th – Sacramento, CA @ w/ Secretions and Emily’s Army
June 28th – Modesto, CA @ Melody Ballroom w/ Emily’s Army, The Secretions, Nothing But Losers, Los Punks, Light Up The Eyes and more!
June 29th – Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace w/ Emily’s Army, Hear the Sirens, Stickup Kid and Ska Skank Redemption
June 30th – San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside w/ Emily’s Army, Dead Westerns, The Reaction, Freedom Club and MC Mary Van Note
July 1st – Monterey, CA @ Carbone’s w/ TBA
July 2nd – Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
July 2nd – Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
July 6th – San Jose, CA @ Acheiver Con/SLG Presents ‘Big Lebowski’ Event
July 9th – Chico, CA @ TBA (Chico Pyrate Punx event)
July 29th – Oakland, CA @ The Uptown w/ Kevin Seconds, The Everlovin’, Bryan McPherson and Sean McArdle
July 31st – El Sobrante, CA @ Cafe Soleil w/ TBA

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