Holy crap! More good news from Bobby Joe Ebola and Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club! We’ve teased and hinted but here it is: AMP Magazine has premiered our webcomic, “Life Is Excellent” by illustrator and author Don Reniff and colorist Joey Rintoul. They’re also streaming the song that inspired it, so you can listen while you read. Enjoy! If you like it, share it with your friends! Click on the image below to visit the awesomeness!


This is so awesome! When we recorded our new album, “F”, we asked our good and hilarious buddy, Alex Koll, to do a guest spot. He obliged and totally asked us to return the favor and do some stuff on his album! Holy spit, we are truly excited. The album is out on Rooftop Comedy and available thru iTunes on 1/11/11!!! But don’t wait until then, you can pre-order it right the hell now by visiting those sites! Just follow the links we’ve so dutifully provided!

Alex has also invited us, and we are fucking totally giddy about this, to play his album release party at the mucho renowned Punchline in San Francisco! Buy your tickets NOW, right here! It is truly an honor to be on our friend’s new album and to join in the celebration of it’s birth into this cold world! Also performing are the wonderful comedians Sean Keane and Emily Heller! And we won’t be the only music guys on the bill! Also playing will be the awesome DJ Real!

Come out to the Punchline on 1/17/10 and get your copy of “Wizard Hello” featuring us MacNuggits yodelin’ and barkin’ on the tracks, “Dad, Dad, Dad” and “Go To Work”!!