Maybe I’m dating myself a little (“Take what you can get!” Hardee har har. Thanks, subconscious.), but I felt very inspired by the end of “Revenge of the Nerds” ( The big epic inspirational speech and triumphant weird variety show ( that baffled and disarmed the jock-loving (or fearing) masses; sure, it was a formula movie, but for a moment of my youth it seemed like imagination and social awkwardness could win over brawn, privilege and cosmetic products.

Despite how often the “real world” stomps on that sense of triumph, it sure felt that way at our September 24 album release party at the Uptown Nightclub. It was flattering enough that so many people came to cheer us on and check out our weird little musical experiments. We worked hard on our new album, “F“, and the many reviews thus far have given us a little confirmation that maybe it’s not all in our heads (Ground Control Magazine Review & FensePost Review to link a few!). Maybe we really did make a badass album with our friends, and maybe the world is ready for it.

And it was all the more satisfying that our friends were there. We felt like Dorothy waking up in Kansas, if Kansas were full of insane performance-art auteurs. Sweet NothingMystic Knights of the Cobra, and Fleshies were kind enough to help us celebrate, and gave us some tough acts to follow. Alex Koll, our emcee, kept the audience stunned with laughter, like frogs in a hi-beam. I wonder how many gallons of booze came out of people’s noses that night. The Bay Area Derailleurs, a kindhearted gang of badass bike dancers, worked their asses off to be part of our crew and join us on stage for our closing rap anthem, “Freaky Baby” (they’re also in the video for that song, which will be out very soon!). It was inspiring to see our friends pushing the limits of their various art forms, and flattering that they agreed to be part of our show.

You there, sitting at your computer, give these amazing people a hand for all their hard work and artistry. Right now. No, not an emoticon. Clap, with your hands. Remember that stuff? These folks deserve it.

It was awesome to see so many familiar faces in the audience, a sea of smiles from people who believed in us when we sometimes had trouble believing in ourselves. A friend of ours said it was like being back at Geekfest (a series of festivals we used to organize in the 90s, at least partially inspired by “Revenge of the Nerds”). Yes, it was the same feeling of belonging and freedom, but it didn’t seem nostalgic to us. Back then, we felt like time travelers; stuck in the wrong moment of history. The Uptown show felt like we had finally adjusted our time machine and made it to the right show, in the right year; it confirmed for us how far we’ve all come, and we want to thank you for coming to see the show, and supporting us all these years. What is the voice without the ear, after all?

Of course, we realize not everyone could make that show. And that’s why we elected to put together two album release parties, one for each side of the bay. The next one is coming up October 8 at Thee Parkside in San Francisco (1600 17th st). Joining us on stage will be a whole different crew of beloved friends and family: Emily’s Army; a group of young upstarts holding down the East Bay sound while taking it in their own direction. The Secretions; longtime friends who will seriously rock your faces off and get you back in the pit and, of course, The Angel and Robot Show; featuring our pals and label mates,  Angel Nova and AR-7 from The Phenomenauts!

The show is all ages, $8 and starts at 8pm, so bring the kids! It’d be smart to get advance tickets, which you can do at: And keep in mind that our new album, “F“, is available in CD and LP, and you need like 10 copies for all your friends. The vinyl is available in three colors: translucent red, translucent blue, and something we like to call “kidney punch”. Each LP comes with a code for digital download as well.  Mmm-hmm! See you at the show. We will also have copies of the “Freaky Baby EP” Fun Pack featuring a poster (with art by Janelle Hessig!), sticker, download card of the EP and more!

Hogs and geeses,



Below is a photo of our new second guitarist for occasional full band shows. Holy shit yes.

Full band lineup now includes: Dan & Corbett, Johnny Geek, Delorean Super Rad Awesome (Josh from M.K.O.T.C.) on drums and Night Moves (Sean from M.K.O.T.C.) on bass, who are now joined  Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier on second guitar. Did I already say, “Holy shit yes.”? OK, just checking.

For more about Craig and his air guitar identity or his recording studio, The Dutch Oven, visit: or


Holy geez!!! So much happening after a bit of a lull. I guess its the calm before the storm, as they say. We here at MacNuggit Central in conjunction with our pals at Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club have been biding our time and counting our crows with bated breath in anticipation of all of the exciting stuff we’ve been waiting to release on the world… and finally, some of it is here for your consumption!

Firstly, our new album, “F“!!! It is available thru the Silver Sprocket site in LP or CD versions with limited edition t-shirt designs and free vinyl stickers! There are many options and all of them involve a great deal of discount! All are available for pre-order and will ship within the next week! (Limited shirts ship separately than records. LOCALS TAKE NOTE: Any orders wanting to pick up their LPs or CDs at record release shows, please bring PayPal confirmation printout and shirt/sticker will be sent out soon after once they arrive! Yay!)

Please visit the following link for these special deals and support your local Nuggits!

If you need to hear these tunes right the F now (get it? har har!), Amazon MP3 has an early release of the tracks! Follow this link to get ‘em!

And… drumroll!!! “The Freaky Baby EP” is available for early download on Amazon MP3! Soon it will be available with the accompanying video directed by Emmy nominated Bent Lens as an iTunes exclusive, but for now you can get it here! It’s cheap!

Also available at shows and for sale via online mailorder will be the “Freaky Fun Pack” which includes a signed poster, download card of the EP, sticker and “dental dam” for her pleasure! Ah yeah! 7″ and remix in the works too! Freaky!