Check the dates below cos we’re coming to a city near you! If you don’t see your town, check back… you will or write us at and ask us to come rock your living room! We are currently planning trips to Seattle, Arizona, Texas, Kelso, Bremerton, Chicago, Indiana and beyond all in support of our new record, “F” out soon in LP/CD and digital formats from Silver Sprocket!

Click on the image here to grab and repost our cool tour flyer done by the amazing sound and graphic artist, Ogo!

08/12/10  - Chico, CA – Monstro’s Pizza – w/ Agrimonia (Sweden), The Makai, and Baghdad Batteries
08/13/10  - Medford, OR – Johnny B’s – w/ Red Bush, and the Del Ranchos
08/14/10  - Portland, OR – Microcosm HQ Store – w/ Dingo the Clown, Destroy Nate Allen and more! (DAY SHOW)
08/14/10  - Portland, OR – Autonomy Hive Studio – w/ Lauren Raegan, Tre Arrow & The Dapper Cadavers (NIGHT SHOW)!
08/15/10  - Olympia, WA – Hall of the Woods – Dinner Theater!
08/18/10  - Oakland, CA – 705 34th St at MLK – w/ Nicole Kidman, BYODeath and Colored Girls
08/19/10  - Long Beach, CA – TO BE ANNOUNCED
08/20/10  - San Pedro, CA – Harold’s Place – w/ That’s Incredible, Sylvia Juncosa, Chotto Ghetto and On The Five
08/22/10  - San Diego, CA – The Yard – w/ Tropical Depression, Eskera, Di Nungunim, and Camera Gun
08/27/10  - San Jose, CA – SLG Art Boutiki – w/ Monstrauss and Children of the Information Age
08/28/10  - Oakland, CA – TO BE ANNOUNCED
08/29/10  - Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman St. – w/ Fleshies, Imperial Can, Street Eaters and more!
09/09/10  - Santa Rosa, CA – The Arlene Francis Center – w/ The Crux, The Deluxe Buckets and Thee HoboGobbelins
09/12/10  - Stockton, CA – Plea for Peace Center – w/ The Secretions
09/18/10  - Sacramento, CA – The Hub – w/ Milhouse and more!
09/19/10  - Sacramento, CA – Winn Park – w/ Freebadge Serenaders and Kevin Seconds
8/16/10 – Davis, CA – Haussler Haus – w/ Magi Kool Doods, PIGS (members of Fleshies) and Fodder!
09/24/10  - Oakland, CA – The Uptown – w/ Fleshies, Alex Koll, Sweet Nothing and M.K.O.T.C.
10/08/10  - San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside – w/ Emily’s Army, The Secretions, The Angel and Robot Show (feat. Angel Nova and AR-7 from Phenomenauts!) and more!
10/23/10 – 10/28/10  - A whirlwind of shows in the South… or “The Region” for those who know.
10/29/10  - Gainesville, FL – The Fest – Acoustic Set
10/30/10  - Gainesville, FL – The Fest – Electric Set
12/12/10  - Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class – w/ Mr. California and Beckett and Friends
12/14/10  - Philadelphia, PA – TO BE ANNOUNCED
12/16/10 – 12/18/10  - BOBBY JOE EBOLA ROCKS NEW YORK CITY!!!
12/20/10  - Boston, MA – TO BE ANNOUNCED


It had to be like this. Ten years under a rock during the Bush years and now we’re back with our first music video ever.

Our first song back in ten years and it winds up being an anarcho punk/summer booty rap anthem.

2 Live Crew” meets “Crass”. Yeah, you heard us.

Check out this bit of the fun we had in the video posted here!(NOTE: Switch off HD if you, like us, have a slower connection!)

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits present The Freaky Baby EP coming soon on Silver Sprocket, four new and exclusive songs plus a video  on this “teaser” release to prepare the world for the release of our full-length LP, “F”, available in stores October 12th and from us at shows and online much sooner! We’ll keep ya posted! We had so much fun making this music video and this b-reel shows it. Please repost and spread the word!