Just wanted to remind you to to visit our UPCOMING SHOWS page or our MySpace page cos there is a lot of fun stuff coming across the board! We have lots of local shows celebrating the the release of our new album, “F” on Silver Sprocket, regional tours to Sonoma, Nevada, San Joaquin, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and other surrounding counties, national tours to the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Cleveland, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston, and southern states like Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida!!

Speaking of Florida, we are confirmed and could be more excited about playing The Fest 9! Friday, October 29th we will be rocking your asses with our usual acoustic rock mayhem and Saturday, October 30th, we will be joined by Josh, Sean and John for some full-band rock action!! Woo-hoo! We are friggin’ excited as a pig in a puddle of wet diarrhea. Descriptive enough? Again, visit our UPCOMING SHOWS page  or our MySpace page for more info!