Now you know we have a new full length album called F” coming very soon, but to tide you over we dropped a new b-side recording on KUSF 90.3 last night… a summer booty anthem for radical ladies, “Freaky Baby“! Consider it the lost duet between anarcho-punk band Crass and 2 Live Crew. Listen to the song and many others by us on this two-hour episode of The Jukebox Show on KUSF here:

We will release this bratty rap opus, the mastered 24-bit version, in a month or so as an online single on iTunes and other online digital merchants and also have plans to release it as a limited 7″ single with a b-side of our stab at the Depression-era classic, “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?“.  Also, along with the Bay Area Derailleurs Bike Dance Troupe (who are also featured on the song!) and Bent Lens Productions, we are doing our first music video for our little version of “Whoomp! There it Is” meets “Rebel Girl“. So consider this a casting call;  are you a freaky, powerful lady who breaks rules and builds community? We think that’s pretty dang sexy, and we want to give you a shout out.  Get on your bike, hoist your middle finger high and  and come shake your buttflap with us!

We are still determining exact production dates, but July looks like the month. Write us at if you are interested in participating in the filming of  this music video celebration of the uncelebrated sexuality of the freakier kind.


In other exciting Ebola news, we have recently been signed to Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, an S.F. based record label/”joy-cult”/toy and idea manufacturer! The label is distributed by Independent Label Collective and we couldn’t be happier to find a home aside some old musical homies including the likes of Blatz, Secretions, The Phenomenauts and more! Our new record “F” has a street date of September 14th on three formats: 12″ vinyl LP, compact disc and digital download. It is likely we will have copies in hand prior to this date (not guaranteed) but check back soon for any new info!

Oh yeah! We totally finished recording. Best. Album. Of. All. Time. For. Serious.

We have begun planning many tours across the United States thru the end December of 2010! This will mark the first time we have hit the road since 1999! We are booking semi-local shows in Sonoma, San Joaquin and other surrounding counties as well! We will have copies of our new record in hand, so make sure to come out and grab one!

Here are the places we plan to level with our with our flaming rock and roll… yes, I said flaming:

Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington and Northern California) on August 13th – 16th

Southern California (Los Angeles, San Pedro and San Diego) on August 20th – 23rd

Sacramento on September 18th – 20th

Florida and a bit “The Region” on October 27th – October 30th

New York, Boston and New Jersey (possibly extended to Penn., Ohio and Toronto) on December 17th – 23rd

If you have any ideas, suggestions or leads as to good places for us to play (rock, punk, folk or comedy clubs!), drop us a line at!