All ages! Free! 1pm! Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits and Please will be playing for your irrit-ainment!! Cheap brunch plates! Killer Bloody Marys! Bottomless Mimosas!

Follow this link for more info and directions:!/event.php?eid=104759819558209&index=1

Click on the flyer below for a larger version! Spread the word and come down for hungover fun!


Coming home doesn’t always have to be about getting swirlies and seeing those who ignored you in high school getting wider. The Cafe Soleil show was off the hook! The young folks behind the current Pinole Music scene were doing their thing, there were smiles on the faces of old friends and we couldn’t help but cracking up a bit at the locals who couldn’t quite understand what was happening in “their town”. It was all pretty damn fun and inspiring. Last Sunday of every month folks. Culture and good food in El Sob! Who’d a thunk it? Visit the Bobby Joe Ebola Video Fallout Shelter on YouTube to see some of the awesome tunage. Thanks to Kristen for getting it all on film!


Hell yes! Right past the Rancho, kinda over by Wet Pets, you can fill up at the ol’ Checker Gas, stop by Thrift Town and then head over for some good food and El Sobrante music culture! We are really excited to be playing a place we ran away from so long ago!

Follow this link for more info on Cafe Soleil and directions:

Click the image below for a larger version of the flyer and spread the word!



Man, check out this bunch! In preparation for our upcoming album recording, Dan & Corb have been practicing with Sean and Josh from M.K.O.T.C..

We’ve all know each other for so damn long and we’re having a lot of fun. The songs are sounding amazing! Best group of folks. Best group of songs. So lucky to have them aboard. There are tons more folks joining the practices as we continue. Expect instruments galore and many guests!

The main band for this record are as follows, from left to right in the photo below: Dan Abbott, Corbett Redford, Josh Wharton and Sean McTiernan. Hold onto your asses, Great Big World. It is so gawddamn on.


We played thee punk mecca 924 Gilman last week on April Fool’s Day… and had a great time!? All the kids running the place were spike-clad, sweet and on top of their shit. All the old friends that came out of the woodwork were on hand to see us belt out our new tunes. It was such a good feeling, just sayin’.

Visit the Bobby Joe Ebola Video Fallout Shelter on YouTube to see us play many of these new songs or look below and watch us sing, “Poly“! Recording a new album in a little less than a month. Ho shit!