Slowly but surely, we are finally building a website ourselves. I can’t help but think way back to 1996 and remember all of the people who have built or tried their hardest to build a web presence for our lil’ outfit.

There was Mark using his account to promote the hell out of us, Jon Carling and the many drawings he did for us for another one of our ill-fated sites, our recent glitchy Tripod effort, Tony T. Hsu; his job at Netcom and thusly his free account gave most of us at Hermosa House our first e-mail access around the time Dr. Demento first came a’callin’.

Now we can just pop on here and update, chat, add, type… it all seems a bit too easy.

Well, on second thought, with the way things still seem to be going, the city lights might still go out for good… and another failed, and perhaps final, web attempt would fizzle out and fade forever.

For now, we type on.

For you, for fun and for the sake of storytelling thru music.


Welcome. Give us a week or two. We will launch. Oh, yes… we will launch.

~ Dan & Corbett