Greetings, friends and fans! It’s your old pals Dan & Corbett at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits.It’s been a while since we visited you with a blog entry, do you mind if we stay & chat for a bit? There’s so much to tell you about since our last visit! And, um, it’s a little bit cold outside.

Where to begin? 2012 has really started off with a bang. We’ve been unbelievably busy cooking up heaping helpings of rock’n’roll goodness for your hungry ears. In the studio, on stage, and in fitful bursts of REM sleep, our craziest ideas are coming to life for your enjoyment! Just over the horizon, the Land of Ebola teems with life: awesome shows, new releases, new videos, tours, and more!

Lately, we’ve been playing more often as a full five-piece band, which has been super exciting. With the help of drummer Josh Wharton and bassist Sean McTiernan, (both of Mystic Knights of the Cobra), and with Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier (Love Songs, Conquest For Death, What Happens Next) and Mike Wilson (Hard Feelings, Indulge) trading off on 2nd guitar duties, we’ve had a blast bringing the rock with our longtime pals.

And as Pee-Wee Herman once said, the old Road’s a-callin. We’re taking this dog-and-pony show on tour this Spring (scroll down for more details), and therein lies the rub; we need a tour van!

We’ve gotten used to touring as a super-compact acoustic duo, but to bring the full-band ruckus we’ll need to scrape up the funds for a reliable tour vehicle. So we’re asking everyone we know (and even people we don’t!) to contribute what they can to our Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, and you’d like to see us in your town this year, please consider helping out. You get cool Bobby Joe Ebola stuff for helping! If you’re broke like us, no worries. Just repost this link all over creation! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, the bathroom wall! Write it on the drunk guy’s forehead when he passes out. Thanks! We’ve got until March 13 to make this happen, and we appreciate all your help. Grab this link, consider donating and repost:

We’re thinking positive, though, and the moment we have our van it’ll be getting a lot of use. We’ve got a whole slew of shows this Spring, in the Bay Area and beyond. Check our show calendar for more info, but here’s the nitty gritty:

March 1 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (628 Divisadero Street) – with The Spittin’ Cobras, Flexx Bronco & The Butlers (ticket link here: )
March 10 – Seaside, CA @  Alternative Cafe (1230 Fremont Blvd.) with The Angus Scrimm!
April 4 – OAKLAND, CA @ The New Parish (579 18th Street) w/ Dr. Frank, Franz Nicolay, Sansa & Shiri Show and Sean McArdle! (Ticket Link here: )

The New Parish show will be our tour kickoff, and after that we roar off toward the horizon on a six-state tour, our first as a full band! We’re still firming up the details, but here’s how it stands now:

Wed 4/4 Oakland, CA @ The New Parish w/ Dr. Frank, Franz Nicolay, Sansa & Shiri Show and Sean McArdle – Event link here:

Thu 4/5 Chico @ Origami Lounge w/ Baghdad Batteries, The Pushers and Disorderly Event – $5/All Ages – Event link here:

Fri 4/6 Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater w/ The Bad Things & Titanium Sporkestra – Tickets here: - Event link here:

(Also on Fri. 4/6, Bobby Joe Ebola vs Nardwuar interview airs on CITR 101.9 Canada – listen online here:

Sat 4/7 Portland, OR @ Gathering of the GoofPunx - Event link here:

Sun 4/8 Portland, OR @ SlabTown w/ Delaney & Paris, Autry, Giant Ruinous Monster Wrestling (hosted by Comedians Xander Deveau and Trevor Thorpe) and more! – Event link here:

Mon 4/9 Boise, ID @ The Shredder w/ Hotel Chelsea and more! – Event link here:

Tue 4/10 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge - Event link here:

Wed 4/11 – DAY OFF!!

Thu 4/12 Las Vegas @ Motor City Cafe LV w/ EON (Elements Of Now) – Event link here:

Fri 4/13 Flagstaff, AZ @ Taala Hooghan Infoshop w/ Day of the Dog, The Blissins, Outernational! and Shining Soul and more! – Event link here:

Sat 4/14 Tucson @ Way Out West Fest - Event link here:

Sun 4/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy w/ MKOTC, Adam Bones and more! – Event link here: - Buy tickets here:

In addition to all these great upcoming shows, we’ve been hard at work in the studio, and in the next couple of months you will hear the results! Look for a brand new, as-yet-untitled 13 song full-length Bobby Joe Ebola record this Spring, as well as the long-awaited Meal Deal With the Devil EP (which includes a read-along storybook featuring art by Frustrators’ front man Jason Chandler!). PLUS we’ll have split releases, singles…. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

Since the release of our last album, F, we’ve been making videos for each song on the album. It’s the holy grail for independent bands; many great bands have tried and failed, but we are going to succeed, with a little help from our talented friends. OK, a lot of help. It’s a harrowing, intense artistic endeavor, all on a DIY budget, held together with rubber bands, spit, and grey hairs. Sometime this Spring, we will finish production on the 13th video, and shortly thereafter we will assemble a DVD album: F: The Videos. Packed with comedy sketches, live performance footage, alternate edits and much more, this DVD album promises to be a ride. You and your friends will finally be able to agree on what to watch! Check out some of the music videos on our YouTube & Vimeo channels!

We could go on, but that’s enough for one email, eh? We’ll be back with more news next month, with more tales of adventure from – dare we say it? – your favorite band in the whole dang world. We hope, anyway. You’re our favorite blog reader, did we ever tell you that? Anyhow, take care of yourselves, and each other. We’ll see you real soon!
Ticks & wriggles,
-Dan & Corbett


Here it is, the 6th video out of 13 off of the Bobby Joe Ebola 2010 LP/CD, “F”… “The Only Difference“, directed by Christopher Poeschl for Rock Rock Media! Doubling as an ode to the boppin’ age of doo-wop , the MacNuggits weave a musical tale about the joys of kidnapping yuppies, beating the crap out of them and throwing them in the trunks of their own cars! Funny!

Starring Jamie DeWolf, Mike Wilson, Vaudie Va Boom, Eliza Strack & more… PLUS a full band incarnation of the MacNuggits (Corbett Redford, Dan Abbott, Zach Glanz, Joshua Wharton and Sean McTiernan), this music video will get you moving and shaking… likely due more to fear than beat!

Directed by Christopher Poeschl for Rock Rock Media
Animation and illustration by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics


Brrr! It’s Bay Area cold! Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, all y’all who live in places where you can actually get killed by icicles. You also have fireplaces and heating and mukluks and stuff. We aren’t set up for seasons here, so if it gets chilly we sit here and shiver in our bootie shorts.

And thus begins 2012 – the last year ever, if you believe poorly translated Mayan glyphs  -  with icy feet. How shall this year end, O little Nuggalos? Perhaps with fire? Revolutions? Toads? Global shifts of polarity, consciousness and underwear? We have no freakin’ idea. If 2011 is any indication, we will expect the unexpected. Already, this cute little duckling of a year is looking pretty darn fun for your unstoppable pals at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits.

But first, a little recap of how 2011 ended: September, October, and November were largely spent on and off the road with our powerful and victorious cartoon buddies Tornado Rider. After more than month with them across the U.S., we developed a pretty hard-core sneth habit. Upon return, we jumped right back into recording a new batch of songs at Dutch Oven Studios, run by our friend and occasional bandmate Craigums!

In the meantime, the Occupy Wall Street movement was gathering steam, and in Oakland (where Dan lives and Corbett’s previous address) things got pretty hectic. We wanted to help, and in December our song “Pac-Man & Pop Tarts” appeared on a free compilation called Occupy International.

Then, in honor of and in solidarity with #OccupyOakland, #OccupyTogether, #OccupyWallStreet and all of the many other occupy groups around the world, our band offered up an unmixed, unmastered and unreleased recent recording we made in August 2011. It went out as a nod to all of the valiant protesters involved in this movement… to all of those organizing on the front lines of this struggle. From our upcoming 2012 cover album, “Theft“, the song was originally written by Woody Guthrie in 1940 as a anti-union busting song. It was then updated wonderfully in 2000 by Billy Bragg.

In the folk tradition, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits added new and appropriate lyrics about corporate hegemony, billionaires and other modern world ails… the song is called, “All You Fascists“.

Barely had 2012 begun when we lit up the Bay Area with an astonishingly fun January trifecta of Bay Area shows with Tornado Rider and another group of familiar road dogs, Emily’s Army. The evenings were peppered with special appearances by several other local legends including Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds and Angelo Moore from Fishbone!

And the fun’s just beginning. Later this month we’ll be heading back into the studio to put the finishing touches on some new releases. Get ready for a read-along story songbook, a new LP of original material, a 10″ split with Duluth, MN’s Hard Feelings and the cover song LP. We’ll also be filming 2 music videos this week which will eventually appear on the F: The Videos DVD album. Four other music videos already in production are nearing completion!

Oh, did we mention we’re going to England?

Yep! We’re hopping the Pond for a single show in London, the UnNamed Festival. Organized by Tony Anastasi of the Green Day fansite,, this free event will take place Saturday, Jan. 21, and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits (as well as several other Bay Area luminaries). This will be our first show outside of North America, and hopefully the first of many! Dude! We’re going to England! 

We also have tons more shows locally and semi-locally! Go here to see more info on all of them:

As exciting as this all is, there’s even more. On March 1, we’ll be playing at The Independent in San Francisco with Spittin’ Cobras, Flexx Bronco and The Butlers. This is a new milestone for us, and we can’t wait to take the stage at this all-around awesome show. Buy your tickets now at this link:

And in April, we’re confirmed to The Gathering of the Goofpunx in Portland, OR (April 5-8), as well as Way Out West Fest in Tucson, AZ (April 14). If you live in the Northwest or Southwest, keep an eye out for shows other shows we may announce, since we’ll already be on the road anyway.

One last Nuggit of news, friends & fans, and a little public service message. If you’ve ever felt empty inside, we have the answer. His name is Jesus! That’s right, we at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits want you to let the Baby Jesus in. In where, we hear you ask?

This all may seem strange and sudden until you realize that we are now the official band of the glow-in-the-dark Baby Jesus Buttplug! Made by the Oakland-based artisans at Divine Interventions, this little buddy is 100% silicone, 100% fun, and is easy to find in the dark. We’ll have them available at most shows. Washes easily with soap & water… just like your sins! Available for a discounted price at our shows!

Here at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, things are changing day by day. We hope you’ll continue to check in with us regularly and let your friends know, as our amazing adventure continues!
-Dan & Corbett


Looking for an awesome way to start out 2012?! Well, look no further than the BOBBY JOE EBOLA/TORNADO RIDER/EMILY’S ARMY Rock & Roll Weekend! Check the awesome flyer by AdamD of Gnarboots! Please repost!

Friday, January 6th, Saturday January 7th and Sunday, January 8th in Berkeley, San Francisco and San Jose respectively, these wildly fun bands are joining forces to bring the noise and then some!

Each show features a different lineup with special surprise guests and friends such as Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds, Go National!), The Smell, Monstrauss and The Caps!

And to top it off, Bobby Joe Ebola will be joined by Sean & Josh of Mystic Knights of the Cobra to bring you THREE RARE MACNUGGIT FULL BAND PERFORMANCES!

Show details and band websites below! See you there!


Friday, Jan. 6th – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/ Bobby Joe Ebola, Tornado Rider, Kevin Seconds, Emily’s Army and The Smell ($7, All Ages, 8PM) – 924 Gilman St. Berkeley, CA 94701


Saturday, Jan. 7th – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop w/ Tornado Rider, Emily’s Army and Bobby Joe Ebola ($12, All Ages, 9PM) – 155 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 – On Fell Street between Franklin & Van Ness


Sunday, Jan 8th – San Jose, CA – SLG Boutiki w/ Tornado Rider, Monstrauss, Bobby Joe Ebola, Emily’s Army and The Caps ($10, All Ages, 7PM) – 577 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Make it a full weekend! Pencil it in now!


Hey there! Bobby Joe Ebola fans! Friends, countrymen, fellow Earthlings. We’re proud to announce we’re on a new compilation called Occupy International, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. There’s also a big port shutdown on Monday, if you happen to live near a shipping port. We’ll get to all of that. But first, we need to have a little talk:

There is something deeply wrong with the way civilization is doing things. A few people are making all the decisions, decisions that benefit themselves. We are not asked for our opinion, even just to be polite. The people who are “in charge” making the big decisions are thinking about the world as a set of numbers; People go to work and create this amount of money, or shop and purchase this many units of GDP, or vote and produce so many votes. An acre of trees is worth this much paper pulp or toothpicks. These numbers must always grow, and the growth must always accelerate. Never mind that we’re running out of trees to turn into toothpicks. Human needs don’t really factor in; things that can’t be counted, well, they just don’t count, do they? And pretty much the whole planet has been feeling the effects of this kind of arithmetic for decades, whether we wanted any part of it or not.

But if we want to be totally honest here, WE’VE been making decisions too. We’ve been deciding NOT to decide; it’s too hard and time-consuming. It’s so much easier when someone else makes the call, isn’t it? It’s this attitude that has created our system of waste amid need, starvation amid abundance, and tyranny waving a flag of freedom. We enable this system every day. We help it along, too; with silence, with our complicity, and with our active participation. Because we don’t see any other possibilities, do we?

This is just what the people at the top want us to believe; that this top down madness is the only way we can organize ourselves, and that our wants trump other peoples’ needs. They’ve either forgotten that their power comes from us, or they fear that we will remember it.

This is suicide. This whole damn system is a runaway train headed off a cliff. All we have to do is pull the brakes, all of us, and get off. Yes, we’ll have to walk from there and figure it out. But if we all pull together we can keep each other safe so that we’re around to figure it out.

Convenience has brought us to the edge of disaster. The people in charge clearly need our help making good decisions. So we’re going to remind them that we are here, and that we have lots of ideas.

We wish to support this show of strength by free people who want a future. This is why we contributed a track to OCCUPY INTERNATIONAL, a compilation of 24 tracks from different artists in solidarity around the globe, including hip-hip revolutionaries DEAD PREZ! The comp includes rock, punk, hip-hop, electronic music, and stuff I can’t even describe.

Occupy International’s official release date is December 11, and is available to stream or download at or

Hopefully this music gives you strength and lifts up your spirits when things get difficult. Because they will get difficult. But you know what? We’ll be right there with you. Um, unless we’re all sent to an internment camp. In which case… we’ll be right there with you.

Despite the bullshit, it is still a wonderful world we live in. Not only did all our friends and fans pull together to help us make crazy music video history by raising $6040 for our ‘Life Is Excellent’ project, now we find out that we got played on Dr. Demento’s online radio show! It’s the first time we’ve been played on his show since 1997.

Also played on the same show were The Dead Milkmen, Mojo Nixon,They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Weird Al… We love that wacky bastard!

Go check out Demento’s site and thank him for having us!


Hell yeah! The MacNuggits will be sharing the stage with Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, as he brings his band to The New Parish in Oakland, Tuesday, November 8th! Don’t miss this historic event for musical satire… or at least for our band!

 We can’t count the number of times in our 15 year existence we have been compared to these rock heavyweights and now we finally have the opportunity to rock with one of ‘em! Oakland! Please come out and show your MacNuggit pride for this one! We would love to have some singing heads with us!




We’re heading out yet again, this time for a short stint to the great Northwest! We will be meeting up with our buddies Tornado Rider in Spokane and then playing shows with them for the next few days! The folks we are playing with are some of the best the region has to offer: Juicy Karkass, All The Apparatus, Titanium Sporkestra, Baby Gramps, Potsie (members of The Taxpayers), Destroy Nate Allen and more! We are stoked for this! Check out the upcoming event calendar on this website or click on the name of the venue in the listings below for directions and more show info!

Wednesday, Nov. 16th – Spokane, WA @ Zola with Tornado Rider

Thursday, Nov. 17th – Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater with Baby Gramps, Titanium Sporkestra and Tornado Rider

Friday, Nov. 18th – Portland, OR @ Red & Black Cafe with All The Apparatus, Destroy Nate Allen and Tornado Rider

Saturday, Nov. 19th – Portland, OR @ Record Room with Potsie, Juicy Karkass and Mr. Plow



Here is a sneak peek at one of the many awesome prizes we’re offering up as thanks for supporting our Life is Excellent” music video campaign! Check out this exclusive & way-cool “Life is Excellent” t-shirt, courtesy of the graphic design wizards at Flight of Yesterdays!

This shirt is available at the $50 “Rainbow in the Dark” support level, which includes a personal phone call from Dan & Corbett, a “like pack” with music, stickers, & desktop wallpaper, the EXCLUSIVE ‘Life Is Excellent’ ringtone composed by Craig Billmeier, the ‘Life Is Excellent’ bumper sticker… PLUS an appearance as an extra in the ‘Life Is Excellent’ music video.

And of course, you’re welcome to contribute more than $50, and get even more fabulous thank-you gifts. Go check out our IndieGoGo site here:

Ladies and gentlemen, time weighs heavy upon us. In only three weeks we will conclude our IndieGoGo campaign. We’re not quite to the finish line yet, but we want to thank all of you who’ve contributed already. We truly appreciate the support from you, our friends and fans. If we do not make our goal, we will still use the monies raised to make the best video we possibly can… but filming would surely be delayed a bit. It would mean having to regroup and reconsider our options in making the video for this song with less $.

Show your friends our video, repost and help us spread Ebola to the eyes and ears of everyone you know! Watch our hilarious donation pitch video below! And thank you for all of your help!


Things are coming along on recording for about 5 or 6 upcoming EPs, 7″s and other records! 11 songs are close to being done… only 25 to go! Keep your butts peeled! We are so happy with the new songs. No joke! They rule! Of course, to be fair, of those 36 tunes, 13 are covers for an LP we are making called “Theft“. It contains some of our favorite songs by other people including this song… here is our unmixed, unmastered and unreleased version of Woody Guthrie’s “All You Fascists”, with some updated modern lyrics. We released it on YouTube a week or so back in solidarity with and in honor of the #OccupyWallStreet movement. Just seemed a little to perfect to not let people hear it, what with all of the risin’ up! We return in late November to the recently located Dutch Oven under the masterful engineering hand of occasional MacNuggit second guitarist, Craigums aka 2008 World Air Guitar Champion and member of tons of your favorite bands, past and present. It’s on!


Allow us to give you a taste of heaven. You may need a chaser though.

Shoot At Will Films and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits present the controversial fifth music video from the MacNuggits’ 2010 LP, “F” (videos for all of the album’s thirteen songs are being made!)… the hilariously blasphemous “Sweet Shit of Christ“. Directed by Jamie Dewolf and featuring an outrageous cast including Alex Koll, J. Lieber, Courtney Crimson, Amanda Cavanaugh, Natalie Ashodian, Don Reniff, Ian Whitson, Sissy Dewolf, Bakari Kafeli as Jesus and many more, this video is a MacNuggit-style skewering of religious hypocrisy throughout the ages, leaving no sacred cow untipped. This Oakland-style taste of the hereafter will have you on your knees with laughter.

If you would like to feature the video on your website, please contact Talia Miller at PRawr ( to acquire a hi-def download or for any other press related inquiries.

For more from Shoot At Will Films:

For more about the band, visit: &​bobbyjoeebola

Help the band make their next epic music video by contributing to their IndieGoGo campaign:

Directed and edited by Jamie DeWolf for Shoot At Will Films

Cinematography and Steadicam: Gabriel Hurley, Second Camera: Jamie DeWolf and Michelantony “Micah” Dunston, Lighting Design: Lia Walker, Special Effects Makeup: Sissy DeWolf, Camera Assistant: Jon Logan, Assistant Director: Heather Markis, Best Boy: Gregg Semen


Well, hot damn. The MacNuggits just got back from tourin’ the states for their longest stint ever and are now unexpectedly hitting the road AGAIN Sept. 14th – Oct 10th… this time with the wild and rock-steady fun barons of Tornado Rider (

So yeah, are you ready for this tour?! So excited over here! We are playing with so many great bands and we get to see Tornado Rider every damned night! Songs about dinosaurs, falcons, bison, apples… think Toy Dolls meets AC/DC! Hell yeah!

Hailing from the barren burgs of the East Bay Area in California, comes this wild and sonic caravan of colorful and talented impresarios… Tornado Rider, the most fun power trio ever has joined forces with the ever-clever and contagiously catchy, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, to tear through ‘The States’ on an epic break-neck 25 date tour!

We are all looking forward to seeing you again, or for the first time! Bobby Joe Ebola has a ton of new songs we are chompin’ to play for you and Tornado Rider has a new album called “Jark Matter“!

Rock and roll weirdos unite! Check out the dates below…


* = without Tornado Rider    ** = without Bobby Joe Ebola

Wednesday, Sept. 14th – Oakland, CA @ The Uptown with Eddie Spaghetti and The White Barons *

Thursday, Sept. 15th – Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space with The Haymarket Squares and Empire Of The BEar (feat. Ben Gallaty of Andrew Jackson Jihad!)

Friday, Sept. 16th – El Paso, TX @ Lowbrow Palace with Mexicans At Night

Saturday, Sept. 17th – Austin, TX @ The Highball with THAT Damned Band and Bold! Daring! True!

Sunday, Sept. 18th – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s with Sweet Eagle and Stella Fancy

Monday, Sept. 19th – Lafayette, LA @ Grant Street Dance Hall with TBA

Tuesday, Sept. 20th – Grayton Beach, FL @ Pandora’s

Wednesday, Sept. 21st – Sandestin, FL @ Funky Blues Shack

September 22nd – 24th – Tornado Rider @ Blackwater Music Festival in Live Oak, FL **

Thursday, Sept. 22nd – Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s w/ TBA *

Friday, Sept. 23rd – Gainesville, FL @ w/ Turkey Town w/ Bent Left *

Saturday, Sept. 24th – St. Petersburg, FL @ Fubar Downtown w/ Your Pest Band (Japan), Holy Shit! (Milwaukee), The Tim Version and Nothing In The Dark *

Sunday, Sept. 25th – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s with Rowdy Downstairs, Hollywood and DJ Tom Foote!

Monday, Sept. 26th – Asheville, NC @ The Get Down with Sugarfoot Serenaders and Keanu Phoenix

Wednesday, Sept. 28th – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Saint with Honah Lee and more

Thursday, Sept. 29th – Brooklyn, NY @ Tommy’s Tavern with Mikey Erg, Franz Nicolay, Stza Crack, Devastaion Wagon and Zero Content

Friday, Sept. 30th – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s with Real Good (NJ) and Civil Warblers

Saturday, Oct. 1st – New Hope, PA @ Triumph Brewing Company with TBA

Sunday, Oct. 2nd – Cleveland, OH @ Brother’s Lounge with Uno Lady and more

Monday, Oct. 3rd – Chicago, IL @ The Moving Castle with This Is My Fist! and more TBA

Tuesday, Oct. 4th – Minneapolis, MN @ Lee’s Liquor Lounge with Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band and Ogre Smash Death Boom

Wednesday, Oct. 5th – Lincoln, NE @ The Zoo with TBA

Thursday, Oct. 6th – Denver, CO @ Moe’s with House Of Trees

Friday, Oct. 7th – Salt Lake City, UT @ Raunch Records with Discoid A

Saturday, Oct. 8th – Nevada City, CA @ Haven Underground with MINIBOSSES

Sunday, Oct. 9th – Chico, CA @ Thunderdome with Shivaree

Monday, Oct. 10th – Sacramento, CA @ Luigi’s w/ TBA

Friday, Oct. 14th – Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz w/ TBA *

Friday, November 11th – Stevens Point, WI @ The Encore **

Saturday, November 12th – Green Bay, WI @ The Crunch Frog w/ TBA **

Monday, Nov. 14th – Bend, OR @ TBA w/ TBA *

Tuesday, Nov. 15th – Corvallis, OR @ TBA w/ TBA

Wednesday, Nov. 16th – Spokane, WA @ TBA w/ TBA

Thursday, Nov. 17th – Seattle, WA @ The Columbia City Theater w/ Titanium Sporkestra and Baby Gramps ($7, 9PM, 21+)

Friday, Nov. 18th – Portland, OR @ TBA w/ TBA

See you on the road!! AND don’t forget to donate to help us make our epic, huge and crazy “Life Is Excellent” music video happen! We want to rent a grizzly bear! Watch the video below or go here to help:


FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Work is hell. You don’t think so? Well, let Shoot At Will Films and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits explain our horrible case with this masterful short film and music video for the song ‘Time Is Crawling’ from the MacNuggits’ 2010 Silver Sprocket LP/CD release, “F”. Head on over to Bloody-Disgusting.Com to catch their exclusive premiere of our little slice of horror!

Directed by legendary impresario Jamie DeWolf and starring Raymond C. Duval, Caitlin Gill, Holly Brewer, Sissy Dewolf, Michael Wharton, Eliza Strack, Jason Storm, Ginger Booz-Ullrey, Matthew LaPlaca and many more, this truly frightening horror epic is a colorful (mostly red) homage to classic suspense and occult films of years gone by. A simple metaphor for the droll sluggishness of working an office job… with lots of blood thrown in for good measure.

Put on your fright diaper and get ready to be afraid to ever go to work again.

For more from Shoot At Will Films:

For more info: & add us on Facebook at​bobbyjoeebola

To purchase on iTunes:​us/​album/​id393256620

To buy vinyl LP or CD:​blog/​we-make-stuff/​artist-store-bobby-joe-ebola-and-the-children-macnuggits/​

For LP, CD or MP3:​Bobby-Joe-Ebola-Children-Macnuggits/​dp/​B0040ZA21I


From the twisted rock wizards at Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits comes “Lake of Flies“, the latest mindbending music video off their album, 2010′s F (Out on SSBC)! With “Lake of Flies”, weirdo-rock pioneers Dan Abbott and Corbett Redford reveal a bizarre world unlike any you’ve seen before.

Directed by acclaimed artist Joseph Demaree (host of Welcome Back! TV and the mind behind Idiomism Records), “Lake of Flies” tells the story of a mysterious doorway in Dan’s basement, one which leads to the realm of a forgotten god. Psychedelic imagery, fantastic special effects, and maggots open the doors to your new religion.

For more on director Joseph Demaree: &

For more info: & add us on Facebook at​bobbyjoeebola

To purchase on iTunes:​us/​album/​id393256620

To buy vinyl LP or CD:​blog/​we-make-stuff/​artist-store-bobby-joe-ebola-and-the-children-macnuggits/

For LP, CD or MP3:​Bobby-Joe-Ebola-Children-Macnuggits/​dp/​B0040ZA21I